Around this time last year a friend and myself began talking about prosperity. The conversation was prompted by the sound of the Ice Cream Man coming into my neighborhood.  We could hear his music in the distance and also my daughter screaming through out the house ,” The Ice Cream Man is coming, The Ice Cream Man is coming; I need some money!” I directed her to this big glass vase that sits on my bedroom floor. In that vase I drop change for her to be able to enjoy her ice cream moments.

My friend wanted to know how I always kept change in that vase. I simply replied that I am always finding money on the ground so I drop the change in the vase for my daughter to enjoy her ice cream. We are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where the Ice Cream Man still comes around in his truck like it did when we were little kids (not so long ago). The music plays , the kids run around the house screaming that the Ice Cream Man is coming, that they need some money, and then they make a dash towards the direction they think the music is coming from. I have to admit I still kind of get that little girl feeling when I hear the music myself. Somehow the ice cream always taste better from the truck than it does from the grocery store. I think it is in the experience!

With the cost of ice cream these days, my friend wanted to know how much money I found on the ground. I never really thought about it before. For some reason my vase always supplied the amount needed for the Ice Cream Man. I even got an ice cream for myself from time to time. OK, a lot of times!

This conversation made me curious about how much money I actually found on the ground throughout the year. I went to my office where I had some plastic candy jars left over from Valentine’s Day and I decided in that moment that I would save all the money I found out and about, and my goal would be to fill up the jar. At the end of the year I would count the money and then donate it to a family for Christmas.  My friend and my daughter jumped on board with the plan and we called it our Prosperity Bank.

This project became the topic of many conversations, and it also taught my daughter how to save and give to others. My daughter got so involved in the project that she could not wait to tell me every time she found money. Often she would say that the pennies were from Heaven and that her Grand Mother or Grand Father placed them there for her to find …so she could give the money to HER Christmas family.

All three of us began to look for money where ever we went. You would be amazed at what you could find when you knew what you were looking for.  By the end of the year we had found dollar  bills (5 to be exact), quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies. Our Prosperity Bank ended up being $54. We picked a family, and my company matched the findings. A part of me wishes I could be there when the family receives the money, just hiding long enough to see their face. I can always imagine… :O)

Everyone I tell this story to, tells me that they now find money on the ground every where they go. It is as if money is falling from the sky they say. I believe like everything else, it has always been there. We just had to open up our minds to the possibilities of it being there, for us to find.

For those who wont pick up a penny unless it is on heads for fear of bad luck:

I have a quick thought for you … Every Penny says,” In God We Trust”. Trust that God would not let you have bad luck by trying to help others.

Wishing each of you many blessings, much prosperity, and a life time full of Magical Moments! Oh, and some “Ice Cream”( my daughter made me write).


“If you want more money in your life then give more, if you want more kindness in your life then be kinder, whatever you want more of in your life make sure you are giving it to others.”



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