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2 Dream Productions Book Publicity Services

We are a book publicist company that specializes in working with authors and publishers to get more publicity for their books, brands and products. We work with our authors to build a specialized Publicity Plan for their books. No two Publicity Plans are the same, as people have different needs and strategies. Some might come to us to launch their book while others might come to us long after their book has been launched and want to continue on the momentum of getting publicity.

Media and Magazine Placement

We assist our clients in getting placements in digital and print magazines, high traffic blogs, and newspapers.

There is nothing like social proof of your achievements. When you are recognized and featured in Magazines, high traffic Blogs, and Newspaper. It portrays that you are an influencer in your field.

Talk Radio and Podcast Interviews

Booking clients on Traditional Radio and Podcasts are one of our strongest areas in the book publicity world.

Interviewing on AM/FM Radio stations and Podcasts is a way to be heard by millions of people and often without having to leave the comforts of your home. Most hosts use secondary platforms to pre-record the interviews so people can go in and listen to specific interviews on their own time and they also syndicate the interviews to several other radio stations. Your one interview could be heard on several other platforms and downloaded millions of times.

Book Launches

We assist authors in their book launches.
Every author has their own unique plan of how they want to launch their book.
If you are launching your book there are several things you will need to do to prepare for one.

  • Organizing contacts lists
  • Sending out Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) of your book
  • Reaching out for testimonials
  • Putting together a launch team
  • Requesting book reviews
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Posting in social media

Social Media Strategizing

We help authors build their social media following organically.

Social Media has changed how we all communicate today. You need to have a social media presence at least on two or more platforms, but focus on one that you are most frequent in. Social media is a free way to get advertising for your book and a place where everyone is at.

If you are looking for assistance with your book publicity plan: Contact Us Today!

2 Dream Productions, Inc.

In 2010 Michelle Colon-Johnson founded 2 Dream Productions, Inc. Michelle founded the company as a way to provide direction to those who seek opportunities to connect to their dreams. She has been a contributing writer for places such as The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Addicted 2 Success, She Owns It, and other popular platforms.

2 Dream Productions, Inc. is a book publicist company that specializes in working with authors and publishers to get more publicity for their books, brands and products.

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