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“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”

I find myself coming back to this quote several times along my journey. No matter where we are along our journey letting go still hurts… Just in different ways. Letting go is often the hardest lesson we are faced with in life because letting go sometimes means saying GOODBYE, goodbye to an old life/way of living and goodbye to people we love and will miss. We often do not understand the lesson at the time but it really isn’t the lesson that hurts. We have to remind ourselves it is the process that causes the pain. The lesson explains the reasons but the process shapes us into who we are meant to become.

When we are on a journey to self growth we find ourselves torn on how to deal with people and situations that are in our lives; past negative behaviors are no longer acceptable to us. Sometimes the people in our lives are family and we know we cannot change them, so what do we do? That is a good question! What I have learned to do is LOVE them anyway. Send them blessings and change the way I react and deal with them/their behaviors. Sometimes that means refusing to listen to the negative chatter and sometimes it means leaving the environment that I am in at the moment and finding refuge in an environment conducive to my worthiness of harmony.

I always find sitting on the beautiful white beaches in my area a way to REGROUP and find balance. I enjoy the sounds of the waves as they crash ashore and the sound of the seagulls as they chatter amongst each other. I often wonder if they are thinking,” There is another one hiding out again”(grins). Changing the situation does not always mean saying GOODBYE. Sometimes it just means we need to REGROUP, step away and get a different perspective of the situation. ” I am not hiding out Mr. Seagull. I am just not on the beach chattering with my mate like you.”

When someone is not in harmony with my level of awareness I send myself to “MY ROOM”! My room is not the place we know it to be as children. As an adult my room is a place of peace! It could be saying GOODBYE, spending less time with others, or simply taking a walk along the beach to REGROUP. What everything comes down to is RESPECT. In order for others to respect us we have to respect ourselves and that means making choices, best suited for each situation, we are faced with, at the time. RESPECT is also how we handle our situations. Next time you find yourself in a situation that does not meet the vibration in harmony with yours… send yourself to YOUR ROOM! Just remember our childhood rooms no longer exist, so think about the room you send yourself to.

Do you have people in your life that you love but are on a different level of awareness than you? What are you doing to separate your self from or change the way you deal with people and/or situations?What room do you need to send yourself to? Remember we cannot change others or how they react to situations; we can only change ourselves and decide which room is “OUR ROOM” in that moment. “HEY and while you are in there…. CLEAN YOUR ROOM!”

Many Blessings on your journey!

Michelle Colon-Johnson

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