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I wanna Get On The Ellen Show

A few weeks ago Marsha Freedman from EMSI wrote a great post on how someone could get on the Ellen Show. I bet you are not skimming the pages of my blog now, are you? Ellen’s name caught your attention!

What author does not want to hit it big as they say, and end up on the Ellen Show? Who doesn’t want Ellen dancing down the isles of her show and singing out to her audience,”AND everyone in the audience will leave here with a brand new copy of a signed book by such and such author”? Heck, I even want to be the author, AND dance down the isles with Ellen! Ellen is Awesome! But before you start planning your Ellen Debut, Marsha makes some great points about how to get on the show.

First, Don’t call Ellen – her producers will call, or email you! Imagine how many emails and calls they get each day. If they answered all the calls there would be no Ellen dancing down the isles. Could you imagine Ellen with her funny wit picking up the phone and saying,” Hello you have reached Ellen please hold. Hello you have reached Ellen…Please hold. Ellen would quickly be screaming into the phone,” You have reached Ellen and you are messing with my Dance time”! How funny would that be?

Well, if you can’t call Ellen, and you can’t call her producers then how will they know who you are, and that you want them to call you? You’ve got to get out where she or her producers can see you.

Remember, they’re canvassing the media for fresh and interesting faces, voices and perspectives.

Ellen wants to have fun, and her producers want the ratings to go up, and the only way those things are going to happen is if you are doing something no one else is doing, or you are doing something in a special way no one else is doing it in.

That is right! You gotta stand out!

This is kinda starting to sound like a sales job, right? That is because you are doing just that. You are selling yourself and if you want Ellen to buy you then her fans better want to buy you too!

Marsha suggests you reach out and share your story on social media.

One of 2 Dream Productions clients did just that and he landed on the Today Show. Gerald Rogers shared how ‘not’ to get divorced on his divorce day. The post went viral and next thing you know he was getting millions of hits and thousands of shares on social media …not to mention all the emails he was receiving from people all over the world who were reaching out to him and thanking him for sharing his story.

Then he got THE CALL! Yep, the,” Hello you have reached Gerald Rogers.”… and the OH MY God! It is the Today Show!

Next thing we knew he was flying out to New York to appear on the Today Show. And he was even dancing on the streets of New York with one of his buddies.  Watch Gerald and his friend Tony Litster in this video LIVE BIG. How awesome would that be for you to have that experience?

I never get tired of Gerald sharing his story with me. I am like the little kid who squeals for their dad to read the story to them just one more time before they go to bed!

Now Gerald has written a book called The Marriage Advise I Wish I Would’ve Had:What Divorce Taught Me About Love And Life and we are lucky enough to be able to help spread the word about his journey!

One of the great things about getting to share your story in the media is if it is great (and sometimes if it is BAD) it gets shared millions of times, and that means it reaches millions of people, and in the end your story is the story that possibly changes millions of lives.

OK back to Ellen! Yea, I squirreled! The dancing got me!

Check out the “Send to Ellen” tab on Ellen’s website. Marsha shared  that the exception to the “don’t call us” rule is in that tab. Go check it out and be that exception!

The Ellen show solicits all manner of material from its website. Do you know someone who needs a new car? Tell their story in 1,500 words or less. Are you part of a military family or know a military family with a story to share?

More Advice From Marsha: If you submit a story, make sure you’re genuine. Don’t flood the site with contrived stories – you’ll likely get flagged as a person to be avoided.

  • If you have local publicity that helps to document your story, be sure to upload it. It will help persuade producers that you’re the real deal.
  • If you take time to look at what makes you different, to identify your unique story and craft it in a compelling way, you’ll have something to take to your local media.
  • Producers are also searching YouTube and other social media sites for videos and content that are getting lots of likes and shares.

And that, my friends, is the first step on the yellow brick road that could lead you to Ellen, so … Ease on down the road.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Don’t you carry nothing that might be a load
Come on Ease on down, Ease on down, down the road
Cause there may be times when you think you lost your mind
And the steps you’re taking leave you three four steps behind
But the road you’re walking might be long sometimes
You just keep on stepping and you’ll be just fine (yeah)
Ease on down, Ease on down the road (ease on down)

See you on the Road of Success!

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