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I had the pleasure of meeting Ha Tran in Jan of 2011. I was one of the lucky ones who decided to attend “The BIG Event” sponsored by my friends,Bob Burg and Paul Martinelli. When I saw the line up for speakers I knew it was a once in a life time chance to see Bob Burg, John David Mann, Les Brown, Paul Martinelli, Randy Gage, Carrie Wilkerson, Howard Partridge,and John Maxwell all on one stage! Some of these speakers are close friends and some I have followed for years.

The speaking event was amazing! What I did not anticipate was the friendships and connections I would make along the way. Not just during the event,but before and after as well. My close friend and colleague Mary Riesberg and I traveled to West Palm Beach together for this experience and the very first night I was blessed to have met Ha Tran and a friend of hers.
I knew from the moment I met Ha we would be friends. We immediately started chatting as if we were life long friends ,catching up on each others lives. How often do you connect with another person on that level? For most, not often.

Ha began to share her life story with me and it was like a book I could not put down. I even expressed that to her. She humbly said that it was funny that I should say that because she did indeed have a book. I asked her the name of the book and she told me it was called “Empowered by Hope”. After our seminar, I went to my room to go Google the name and told myself I would purchase her book when I got home. Then I thought to myself that I sure would like to have a signed copy of my new friends book.

When I woke up the next morning I set out to find Ha, to ask her if she had any books with her and in the event she did not… if could give her the money now, and have her sign and send me her book, but before I could ask Ha, she reached out her hands to me and in her hands was a signed copy of her book. A gift to me, from her. You all know how I feel about putting those positive vibes of intention out there. This gift brought a smile to my face.

After our last day of The BIG Event I went to my room and read her book from beginning to end. Her story only confirmed why we were drawn to each other and instantly found friendship. It has been almost a year since we connected and through this year we have stayed in touch, exchanged business ideas, helped each other through trying times and yes cheered each other along during the BIG EVENTS in our lives!

Ha called me a few months ago and asked me to be a guest on her Radio Blog Show and I am honored to be sharing yet another part of our lives together. I hope you enjoyed my post and I hope you will take the time on Dec.10th to listen in on Ha’s show!

Here is a link to her web site and book! I know you will love her as much as I do! I feel blessed that one event brought on many more wonderful events in my life!

You will “Never Give Up On Your Dreams” as long as you are “Empowered by Hope”!

Many Blessings!

~ Michelle Colon-Johnson


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