Love Is magic

When I was a little girl, I used to love decorating a shoe box for Valentine’s Day. I remember the excitement I felt the day before in preparing that box to take to school the next day. I would cut pink and white tissue paper into tiny little squares and then place them on the end of my pencil to dip in glue; I then would place those little squares in the multiple heart patterns I made on my shoe box. Every touch I made, I planned out with love. The next morning would come and I would proudly walk into my classroom showing all my classmates the beautiful box I made, to hold all the treasures, we would exchange, throughout the day. Those little cards we exchanged and boxes we made brought so much enjoyment to me and my little friends!

As adults, we seem to lose sight of how important the gift of love is. We don’t stop and plan out those little moments that bring so much joy to others and ourselves. The gift of giving and receiving as an adult seems to have taken on a whole new emotion and meaning. Instead of looking forward to others happiness we often stress out over having to buy a gift for Valentine’s Day or any other holiday. We have taken the “MAGIC” out of expressing and experiencing LOVE.

Imagine how different things would be if we all took a moment to go back and put thought into every moment as we did as a child. We all have the same amount of time in a day; it is what we choose to make important that determines how each of our time is used. 24 hours is what we all have. No more and No less… That is something to think about!

Today, if only for this day, I invite all of you to put some thought into your time and how you spend it. Make it a day you will look back on and a memory that will make you smile.

Wishing Everyone a Magical Day!

“We never get a second chance to embrace a moment for we only have one life to live and a lifetime to live it in.”

-Michelle Colon-Johnson

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