Cold Calling

I was asked in an interview, over the last month, what advice would I give to someone new to business looking to broaden their client list, and what my thoughts were on cold calling.

My advice was and still is to:

Seek if that person could use your services! If you are asking something of them, what in exchange can you offer them in value, (to them, not you)? What would make them want to do business with YOU? For me it really does mean being others focused and building relationships. Do you really want them playing the Toby Keith song back to you?– I wanna talk about MEEEE.

Cold calling on a logical note– Consider where and how you came in contact with the person/lead, and if you don’t remember (which I hope you do)– Google has been a great resource for me.

Imagine if you cold called someone in your very field and offered them your services. They would know you did not take the time, to take the focus off of you, and place it on them. I don’t knooooww but I am guessing you might not get their business. Just a thought!

So while you start your business journey this week, or look to improve the bottom line, remember to get to the top you often have to start at the bottom. Don’t get discouraged though. Along the way you build what we all call referrals, and that starting off at the bottom thing… pays off in the long run. Once you build authentic relationships then sometimes a phone call will lead you straight to the top, not having to start at the bottom, because you already laid the foundation to get to your next level of success– which I personally call my DREAM role!

So in closing– Think about that Cold Call before you place it! Hmmm I wonder if Google will want me on their payroll? Nahhh… That is not being Others Focused! Have a Magical week full of Dreams!

~ Michelle Colon-Johnson

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