Work Curlers 2

What is the most DIFFERENT thing you may have done to capture someone’s attention? Think how creative people get when trying to make an impression…

I once had a business partner named Sheila whose previous career was in advertising. I loved hearing her advertising stories. They always motivated me to stand out. One of my favorite stories that she shared with me was how she was able to finally land a huge account that she had always wanted to work with.

Every time she would drop by her potential clients business he would always say he was too busy, not interested, or didn’t have enough time. Sheila said those rejections meant she was one step closer to her yes. Each time she was turned away she thought of new way to approach the potential client next time.

One of the valuable lessons she learned was that the answers to her questions would only be as good as the questions that she asked..

Where many people would have given up sooner, Sheila was determined and persistent to do what ever it took to achieve her goal. Giving up was not a frequent term that was used in her vocabulary.

After about the 10th “no” Sheila decided to ask her question in a different way. On the 11th try she asked him what would it take to get 10 minutes of his time. The potential client was caught off guard, and told her the only time he had available was at 4:00 the following morning. Sheila pretended to look at her calendar and told him that just by chance that she was available. She said she would be there! He humorously shouted out for her to make sure she brought coffee and muffins.

He did not really believe she would show up and forgot about it…

Imagine his surprise when he pulled up to his office at 4:00 AM the next morning and found a woman sitting in a lazy boy chair, in her bath robe, hair in curlers, a face mask, and pink fluffy slippers. She also brought him a copy of that days newspaper , and if you haven’t guessed how the story continues, she also had a basket full of assorted muffins and coffee.

She did not stop at the wardrobe; she even wrote up an advertisement and stuck it in the paper. The potential client was so amused and impressed by Sheila’s willingness and creativeness that he purchased his advertising from her, and also invited her to come train his staff on how to close a sale.

She started off her first training with what she called a “required read”. She passed out copies of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss at the first meeting!

What do you bet that those people never forgot her… nor did they ever think of advertising without thinking of her first. Why do you think she used Green Eggs and Ham? Perhaps Sam I Am knew a few things others did not…

Take Aways:

1. Be Persistent

Persistence can lead to other opportunities

2. Stand Out

You may be selling a book like a thousand other authors but they can’t deliver it in the special way you can.

3. Show Up

Show up for your readers so they know you are dependable.

4.Go The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile often means getting more opportunities.

5. Sometimes No Is A Maybe and Timing Is Everything

You never know what someone may be experiencing in that moment. That experience/reaction could possibly have nothing to do with you. I had another friend share with me last week that she asked someone for an endorsement for her book and her request was denied. Instead of being discouraged she revisited her tactic and decided to ask again at a later time (when things were less hectic). This time she received a yes. She said she learned that timing was everything.

It is good to know your product, but it is even better when you can deliver the need for the product in a way that stands out! This is how all authors should approach anything they do with their book promotion and publicity. When you go on interviews, whether it be radio or TV, make sure you leave a lasting impression. Feel free to us the hair curlers and robe if you like. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just add some shiny hubcaps and deliver them with coffee, muffins… and curlers?

What are some things you have done that were quirky but effective? We’d love to hear your stories!


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