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I was talking to a friend of mine this past week about the word PASSION. My friend wanted to know how you knew when you were passionate about something or someone. He expressed to me that he felt like he had lost the passion in his life for many things and did not know where to find it again. I did not believe this to be true but wanted to say it in such a way that he would understand, so I broke out the dictionary. This is how the word passion was defined: A strong affection or enthusiasm for an object, concept, person etc… I then explained to him that he did indeed have passion in his life. I gave examples of his children, wife, and his belief in God. To me those were his passions that I could see. Now the ones we could not see I knew we could work on. I am in firm belief that we can use our passions that we are sure of to make us passionate about other things.

My personal definition for passion is when you have something or someone on your mind all the time, and when that person or thing consumes all your thoughts all the time you feel alive because you are with that idea or person.To me that is what defines passion. The great thing about passion is there is nothing we will not do when we are passionate about something or someone, because part of passion is believing that the concept, person, or thing that consumes our thoughts is what we desire the most in life and cannot imagine living without.

We will take risks to make our ideas come true; we will find “Work Arounds” to be in a place we want to be in, and when we have passion for another person there is no distance too great or obstacles too big that can keep us away from the ones we love. Another thing about passion is when we feel passion for anything or anyone we will move mountains to protect them from harm. This includes anything that gets in the way of our ideas from forming, and anything that keeps our relationships from not flourishing. You will find passion to be the second biggest vibration known, and passion is aligned to our first vibration… which is Love.

The conversation ended with my friend feeling much better. We put some action steps in place to rev up the areas in his life he felt he needed more passion in. When we have passion it is amazing the things we can do! What are your thoughts on passion? Do you need to rev up some of the areas in your life? Or do you need to reevaluate what passion is? Sometimes our passions change.What areas in your life do you know you must have passion in? What areas do you feel your passion has changed? A better question to ask yourself is are you living your life with passion?

Don’t let tomorrow come and realize you let your passion fall short! If you have found that you no longer have passion for an idea or a person it is time to find the things and people that give you the same “I can’t quit thinking about them/it feeling”… You know the feeling that makes you feel ALIVE! Don’t waste another moment of your time on something or someone that you are not passionate about. Life is too short! Start living, live your life… with PASSION!

Wishing each of you many Blessings and a life full of Passion!
~ Michelle Colon-Johnson


“What is passion to you? Passion to me is believing in something or someone so much that all you think about is the thing or person you believe in.”
~Michelle Colon-Johnson

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