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There are always things you can do to keep your name in the headlines. Don’t get lazy with your publicity efforts!If you are not using Query Lists, you should be. Query Lists are lists that can come to your email box 1-3 times a day and provide you with opportunities to be a part of others projects. Before you say you don’t have time– these list have helped millions of authors get free publicity from places such as ForbesMagazine, REDBOOK, USA Today, The Huffington Post, High traffic blogs, Large Podcasts and Traditional Radio Shows, and TV. We use these lists daily to help our clients get publicity.

For those authors who have the time to DIY, an author should go through the lists daily. Set a daily goal for yourself that you will respond to one or more queries. Like most everything, it can be a numbers game. The more queries you respond to the better chances you have to get picked up in the media. Don’t get stuck in a niche though. If you see things that are a fit for your book topic, then of course make your pitch. But also consider replying to things that you might enjoy doing, have an opinion on, know about, can relate to etc…If you really want to make the best of publicity respond to a query that is in the field or topic of one of your clients and use them as an example in your response. Think of it as double expsosure. The whole point of publicity is getting known. Almost every-time a journalist will link back to your site. Your site is where you make it about you and what you do.

Here are 4 resources to help you get publicity for you and your book:

1. HARO- Helpe A Reporter Out

The HARO list was created by Peter Shankman. He saw a need in the market when it came to journalist needing people to interview and people looking for sources to get publicity. A journalist can now submit a query into the HARO list and the list will be sent out to the people who are looking for opportunities. The term HARO uses is Sources. It is free for both those who submit and those who respond to a query. They also have a paid version that gives you the opportunity to respond before anyone else does.

We get 3 email messages a day that updates us on all the opportunities that our company and our clients are a fit for. So whether you are looking for sources or opportunities you can find them on the HARO. Just sign up here.

2. Alexa

When you are doing interviews on different platforms you want to often see what kind of traffic they have. You can find out by checking their Alexa information. We have heard that a traffic ranking of a million and under is good traffic. Below is an example of what Entrepreneur Magazine’s rating looks like. A global rating of 1,120 is extremely good. People are looking to get featured on this site all the time.

Ranking of Site -Entreprenuer

However, keep in mind that not all companies report to the Alexa system and companies can also request to not have their information shared. We recommend you go deeper into the score. Scroll down the page to see the other things this system can help you with.

You can see what key words people are using to get to their site.

Example:Key Words Search

Key Words Search Traffic Entreprenuer

You can see what sites link to theirs.

Example:Total Sites Linking To Theirs

Total Sites Linking In- Entreprenuer

These are just a few ways to gage how you will be spending your time on a platform.This does not mean discount smaller sites. Everyone starts somewhere and you never know how fast they can grow.This is just a tool for you to get some information about the site, especially the ones you might want to write for or be a guest on. Always do your homework.

If you are doing a radio or podcast interview, this tool will not help you measure their listenership. We recommend that you not focus on the size. Just because they say they have a 10 million people reach it doesn’t mean that 10 million people are online listening. Focus on giving your best message, as thou there were 10 million people each time. You never know who might be in the audience.

3. SourceBottle

Source Bottle is similar to HARO but not as large, and their guidelines are not as strict for the people submitting queries. This is a time that you should use the Alexa and of course always go check out their sites. They send a message to your inbox once a day with opportunities for you to submit to. Their target message is Connecting Journalist and Bloggers with Expert Sources. You will sometimes see that some of their queries are also on the HARO’s list so make sure to keep track of who you are responding to.

4. JournoRequests

JournoRequests might be the new kids on the block— but they seem to be doing a lot of connecting. If you are looking to get your message out globally and looking to be included in Gift Guides around the holidays ( like we shared with you a few months ago), you will love JournoRequests. If you are a Twitter Lover, then JournoRequests will be the hook up publicity list for you. You can set your preference of how many times a day you want to receive updated opportunities to your inbox.They also have a paid version as well.

Now go out there and start getting some free publicity. When you do, come back and let us know about your opportunity. If you share a link with us on this post we will even share it on all of our social media platforms. We are looking forward to seeing all of you in the headlines!

-The 2 Dream Productions Team


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