When doing a radio or TV interview, the most important thing is your ability to connect with the host and with the audience. To get your audience to respond to your message, you’ve really got to bring a lot of enthusiasm and authenticity.

Establish A Connection With The Host And Audience

One way to achieve that connection is to make the host look good. Use the host’s name and say, “You know, Donna, that’s a great point.” When you get callers, use the caller’s name, correctly pronounced, in your answer.

Focus on creating an atmosphere where it’s clear that you want to help the audience and help the host, and you’re really excited about what you’re doing. When you do, the host will start plugging you and might invite you back. If you’re doing a print interview, the reporter will give you more space in their article.

Put these simple but important tips to work the next time you do an interview. You may be amazed at the results! Come back here and let me know how they worked for you.

I have been sharing tips with some of the leading people in the publicity industry, and would like to have your feedback. So leave some comments below and if you have some tips that have worked well for you I would love to hear about them.

Here is to your success! Have a Magical Day!

– Michelle Colon-Johnson

Tip shared by Steve Harrison

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