There is no Secret to success or an EASY BUTTON for a prosperous life. However I feel we can implement things in our lives that will lead us to success, and not only for ourselves, but for others as well.

Develop a genuine following online, and do your best to build a trustworthy, credible brand. Whether you’re an individual, a small company, or a big business, constantly work to get good publicity.

Create valuable content so that people will be interested in your message. Share your content with traditional media and be open to other ways of putting yourself and your brand out in the world of exposure. What you want to do is stand up and stand out!

By placing yourself on many platforms you will find that people will start wanting to do business with you. Be unique with your message.You want people to remember why you are the person that they need and the person they will seek.

People like useful resources and exciting concepts.If you offer  value and excitement they will then trust you and your brand.

Stay engaged with your audience. This is how people will get to know who you truly are.

As speaker and author Bob Burg often says ,”People do business with who they know, like and trust.”

I love the message that actor Ashton Kutcher recently conveyed at the Teen awards. Ashton gave an insightful message to teens by letting them know that opportunity is work. Success is not easy and very seldom happens to us overnight. Success and opportunity come to those who care enough to invest in themselves and others.

Find the joy in all you do and share it with others.When you truly have passion for what you do people can tell, your message will be so bright that your light will come shining through.

“The joy in the journey comes from the sharing, for purpose filled paths are not meant to be traveled alone.”- Michelle Colon-Johnson

People such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have made it easier (with modern technology) for us to instantly share our message with the masses. We can share our message through social media, newspaper articles, radio, and even in magazines by our phones and computers.But even with the tools that Gates and Jobs shared with us, and the doors they opened up… we still have to learn how to embrace opportunity.The reward will be if we do the work that our opportunities will be limitless.

“When in search of fortune and fame don’t just live the life you desire. Build It!”- Ashton Kutcher

In closing remember that people who will succeed in any market will be sexy people. Sexy is not just outer appearance.Sexy is smart, sexy is thoughtful, sexy is kindness,sexy is being generous and expressing gratitude. By being sexy you will be faced with opportunity!





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