Talking Points

Provide “Suggested Talking Points” to radio stations for interviews. This gives hosts some ideas on what they could touch on during their interview with you.

“For the media offer up to 3 different hooks (Talking Points) on how they can use what you are pitching.”

We recently did this when we were replying to a query from the HARO list. Our pitch was turned down by the editor for the particular story we wanted our client to be a part of, but because we offered other hooks the journalist we gave our pitch to reached back out, letting us know that while our pitch was declined for the particular piece we were looking to be a part of, that one of our other suggestions gave them an idea for another story.

The journalist pitched the editor and our client got picked up. So when pitching make sure to give the journalist some extra hooks. You never know what your hook might catch.

This step may not be necessary for all reporters or hosts, but it does show you’re thinking ahead and contributing even further to the story, and/or interview idea.

-The 2 Dream Productions Team

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