There are many moving parts to selling your book. Some are things you would not even think are a part of the book selling process. The thing about selling books is that everything you do and how you do it plays a part in the success of your books and product sales.

What Kind Of Things?

Things like your social media, marketing, and even your presentations; it is important to know and understand how each work and what role they play in your success.

It is for sure important to do a check up on your plan from time to time to make sure you are updating and maintaining all the little things that you need to do, and that they are working properly.

“It is the combination of all the little moving parts that create the BIG picture!”

Best Dream Tip Ever

Take the first steps in creating your Dream System and then modify as you grow.

Sit down with a pad of paper and a pen to write down all the things you are doing to sell your book. Then under each thing write down all the things one has to do to assure that the particular task gets done. Know these things will not get done by themselves and they won’t work without action, so take action now before there is a break in your system.

I know how overwhelming this can be but the sooner you create a system the sooner you can enjoy being an author and all the wonderful things that go along with the title.

Now that you have created your plan lets see if we can help you fill in some of the gaps.

“The joy in the journey comes from the sharing, for purpose filled paths are not meant to be traveled alone.” ~Michelle Colon-Johnson

Below are some social media tips. Please let me know if you find them useful or if you have some great tips of your own on managing the little things please share them. I truly believe that several people working towards a goal or a dream makes our dreams one step closer to living them.

Social Media

(We will use one platform for this example because each platform is different. Facebook will be our example used.)

  • Post 2-3 times daily
  • Interact with your Fans and Followers
  • Create the content you are sharing
  • Invite others to “Like” your pages

You need to post 2-3 times a day and monitor your traffic when you do. Posting keeps your information on your audiences’s mind. You need to stay on their mind! Or someone else will be on their mind.

Interact with your audience/Fans and Followers: Just posting random messages is not going to sell your books. You have to build relationships with your followers so they will want to buy whatever you are selling. Remember there are millions of other authors trying to sell their books too. Interacting with them about their questions and remarks about your posts lets them know why they should be buying your book.

You need to stand out and that means offering great content and presenting it in a way that your audience thinks it is the message that they should be listening to.


If you are pulling excerpts from your books then there is time in carefully pulling out relevant content to share in a way that excites your audience. Then you type it out in a post and often look for pictures to pair with the post. Most people are visual.

If you are sharing your interviews (which you should be) that you have done or will be doing– you are making sure to get a link from the host or producer of a radio show, TV appearance, or blog. There is time in the interaction and time involved to post the information.

Time Management

Of course there are things you can do to best manage your time like scheduling out the posts ahead of time, but remember all the things you do to share a post are still part of the process when you are scheduling out.

We also recommend outsourcing tasks. Outsourcing is something that can free your time up to do other things in your life. BUT remember it is your brand so don’t just outsource to anyone. Make sure they are dependable and in line with your needs.

Just Ask

Invite others to “Like” your page: Word of mouth and suggested influence goes a long way.

These are just a few of the steps in the Social Media process but as you can see they are all important and they work hand and hand with the other moving parts to make sure your message is heard. Your job is to make sure there is not a broken link in-between each thing that has to be done. One weak link can slow down the whole process and you do not want that to happen! Let the little things remain small and enjoy living BIG!

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