Lent And M&Ms

How many of you gave up something for Lent this year? Lent began 6 days ago on February 22nd.I have found that a lot of people partake in this custom even if their religion does not. At the beginning of the week, on my Magical Mondays With Mary& Michelle, Mary and I discussed with each other about our personal goals. As we got further in the conversation we realised there were many people who wanted to practice goal setting but felt like they had no support.We thought it would be a great time for those who had a hard time with keeping goals to try to align their short term goals with Lent. This way they already had a built in support system that was also working on a goal at the same time.

“It is in the things that we do that we become who we are.”

-Michelle Colon-Johnson

I have one friend that chooses to give up a behavior that she would like to change. Every year she picks a negative behavior she would like to eliminate and she spends her 40 days developing a new pattern of behavior. To me that is developing yourself and while I use to find that funny… I now admire her for knowing that there was something she wanted to change about herself. She worded it as she was doing it with God’s help! Isn’t that great? She took action! She not only has an army of people for 40 days working on themselves she also has God right beside her leading the way!

As for the M&M Gurls.. Mary gave up sweets and I once again gave up soda pop! Mary said she is not so much missing the sweets but I have to say the soda pop is killing me!If you are trying to work on a goal come join us on our 40 days! Stop by our “Magical Mondays With Mary And Michelle” page on Face Book and share with us what your goals are or what you are giving up for Lent. We can all be there for each other while we are developing and growing!

Wishing everyone Many Blessings and Less bad habits!

Michelle Colon-Johnson

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