Publicity Like A Celebrity

Keeping your name or your company name in the media is very important . Our company 2 Dream Productions is hired to place our client’s names in the media. People can’t and won’t buy your books and products if they don’t know who you are or that you have a book and products to sell.

Getting publicity is very different from marketing or advertising. Many do not understand or know the difference. It is very important that an author learns what each role should play in their worlds.


Advertising is an ad/placement, that you purchase, to be ran in publications, on the radio, on the TV, on billboards, traditional news papers, and sometimes on other peoples websites and newsletters. The content in advertising is very different from the content you will see in publicity. You pay someone to shout out all about you and you only with advertising. The benefit is you control what is said and shared.

Think of the infomercials where people are talking about the great deals that they have on their products. They talk about price and they are asking you and encouraging you to come BUY from them, now. Nothing wrong with that! You are paying for a service.


Publicity is different. Publicity is free. The only people you pay for publicity are the people you want to find opportunities for you to be able to share your voice, opportunities like being interviewed on a radio show or TV.

Another way to get publicity is to be included in journalist’s publication articles. This is when you are an expert in your field or you have knowledge of a topic that the journalist is writing about.

Maybe the journalist is asking “Why Business Should Consider Outsourcing”. Maybe in your field of expertise you outsource tasks. We do at 2 Dream Productions. Outsourcing non-core tasks to people with the experience to do them more efficiently– frees up our time to focus on and create other things that could possibly increase productivity within our organization.

Our founder Michelle Colon-Johnson responded to a query recently, and was included in BusinessNewsDaily, along with 9 other people who shared their advise. There was a link back to our organization that has increased our social media following and traffic to our website.

Some of you may ask why would you give information that is not directly related to your books or services. Our answers is sometimes you would not, but more often than not it gets your name or company’s name out to a whole other audience. That is called exposure.

We have seen sales come directly from being included in articles by us and our clients.

The main thing to be aware of and keep in mind is that you might not see the results (The Sale) right away. Remember people do not know who you are yet. They need the opportunity to get to know your first. Also know, that there are the times that your feedback triggers their need for what you might be selling or services that you provide… and they could very well purchase in that moment.

You can’t control either action. What you can control is what kind of content you share with others and that you continuously put your name out there on a regular basis. It increases your visibility and establishes your credibility.

We know how busy you are, so if you are looking for someone to assist you in creating visibility and establishing credibility– that is what we do.

“Our job is “Making Authors Successful At Selling Their Books.”

Drop us an email or give us a call. We look forward to the possibility in working with you, to get that publicity, that you need, want, deserve and desire!

-The 2 Dream Productions Team

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