As we enter into the week of Thanksgiving don’t forget to start your week off with gratitude! Every Sunday I have a ritual of things I do.

Below is my list:

1.I always read and share Tiffany Hendra’s  Sanctuary Of Style blog. She has Sunday Affirmations. If you have trouble coming up with some of your own I know Tiffany will not mind you borrowing hers until you begin to create some of your own.

2. I start of my mornings with practicing my 10/10 Exercise shared by Linda Ryan. This exercise is easy and free. You take a note book and write down 10 things you are grateful for, and 10 things you would like to manifest in your life. This lesson has been priceless for me on my personal development journey in the last 30 days. You do this every day, for as long as you like. Because I am very results driven and goal oriented I choose to do my 10/10 Exercise in 10 day increments. I am on my third 10 days. At the end of each 10 days I make a little report of my 10 days and decide if I will continue on. It is a fun project and people seem to love doing it and sharing with others.

3. I write a list of things I need to get accomplished for each one of my clients, as well as for myself. This helps me stay on track.

( On Sundays I  always write my plan out for Magical Mondays With Mary And Michelle. This week we will be sending a shout out to Zen— The Home Of  The Gratitude Cookie. They are our Magical Monday sponsors and the cookies really are Magically Delicious!  Mary Riesberg is going to make me start having our sponsors send things to her house because I have a hard time staying out of the goodies. I just can’t help it! )

Another key component– As I go along I also write in things I did not write on my list/ those things you forget to write down but end up doing. I cross those things out as if they were on my list. This helps me to stay positive and focus on everything I have accomplished throughout my day /week.

Have you ever looked at your to do list and felt like you completed nothing? This does not make you feel positive. I have found that when I cross out the things I write along the way it makes me feel better. This is just what I do. You might have other methods that work well for you. I would love to hear them!– Michelle Colon-Johnson’s Blog.

What do you do to start off your week and prepare you for the upcoming days? Please share with me and others. I might need to add to my list. Have a wonderful Sunday and a Magical Week! I am grateful for your friendship!

– Michelle Colon-Johnson

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