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I have found that most people fail to pursue their dreams because they are of the belief that they do not have enough time, knowledge or money to achieve them in the way that they want to. What if I told you that making small little tweaks in the way that you think about things could make noticeable differences?

I am only writing this and sharing it with you today because I decided to step on my scale after Thanksgiving. I bet you did not see that statement coming, did you? But it is true!

If I have your attention now, continue on to your unscheduled reading…

I only thought I was tough enough to over stuff. It turns out I am not GLAD (Pun intended)! When I got on the scales my mouth hit the floor. If I would not have opened it so many times over the last week perhaps I would be “Glad”.

Instead of sitting around and crying over spilled eggnog (those who know and follow me know I LOVE Eggnog) I put my snug fitting work out clothes on and went for my Prosperity Walk. I have not gone in a while. I have not been feeling well. I only have until Tuesday before we count our bank and pick a family to send the money to. This has been the first year I haven’t pre-counted the money. It has also been the first year that I filled the whole bank up. I still have to go to the jewelers and scrap all the different pieces of jewelry I found on the ground. I am getting excited to see how much the bank will be this year. Just today I found $1.02 in change on the ground. How awesome is that?

“Life has an amazing way of filling in the details for the person who will practice courage by leaping out in faith and taking action.”

For those who are new followers here is one of my blog posts that will tell you more about the history of our Prosperity Walk.

On my walk I also found a Starbucks gift card. I normally don’t pick up gift cards when I see them on the ground. I always believed if they were on the ground that they most likely had been discarded after use. Today I decided to pick up the card and at least check to see if it was registered.

When I got home I logged onto the Starbucks website and into my account. I entered the number of the gift card I found and it was not registered. It had $25 on the card. As I was adding the gift card to my account, I realized the card I gave my Significant Other in 2013 had not been used since 2014. I know he goes to Starbucks a few times a month. He will meet a friend for coffee or purchase gift cards to give to clients. I go into his office and ask him if he still had his card I gave him. He said he used and discarded the card last year. That is what he thought! It had $21.37 on it. Luckily I registered the card to our account and all I had to do was report it lost and they shut it down and now sending out another card loaded with the $21.37.

Earlier in the month I wrote an article for The Huffington Post and shared how excited I was that a new program was created for young adults with disabilities. An hour after our excitement of finding the Starbucks card and the extra money, my daughter ran in the house letting us know she got a letter from the scholarship she applied for. We opened the letter and she was accepted into college. All of these things occurred one right after the other.

So let’s recap this day:

1. I get on the scale and did not like what I saw so I decide to go on a walk.

2. While on my walk I find $1.02 on the ground to add to a bank I have been collecting all year for a Christmas family.

3. I shifted my belief system of thinking that finding a gift card on the ground meant that they had no worth. I believed for the first time in that moment that there was a possibility that there might be a value to the card. Because of my willingness to be open to the possibility of the card holding value, but yet not be attached to the outcome, it is worth $25.

4. As a result of all of the previous actions, I also found out that my Significant Other had an extra $21.37 that he believed was not there.

5. I wrote an article a few weeks ago about a possible opportunity for my daughter and because I took action she is now going to college . I also learned that the article I wrote was sent to the Governor of Florida.

All of this happened because I chose to shift my thought process. I did small things that caused a ripple effect of prosperity.

Think of all the things you want to do, achieve, and change in your life and make the choice to do something about it. I am proof that one small action can make a difference in your life and in others.

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