Old School Vs New School

It can be very frustrating when you are trying to achieve success in publicity. There is always so many things to do. Some of those things might depend on other things to make them work. Even when you think you have it all figured out–

Things happen…

People get sick, family emergencies happen, and unexpected obstacles can delay your progress. Don’t let these things keep you from getting where you want to be. You might no get “there” as soon as you planned, but that is okay. Remember the overall goal is not how FAST you get there; it is that you get there… wherever “there” may be for you. However, the worst thing you can do is “Nothing”. Nothing gets you nowhere. Something gets you somewhere. I would rather be lost in the middle of Somewhere than in the middle of Nowhere. How about you?

Even with modern technology there are somethings that New School cannot replace. When trying to get publicity for your books Old School methods can still help you achieve new results.

Here are 4 Old School strategies that can help you:

1.It is easy to forget that doing something is better than doing nothing. To keep you from doing nothing I suggest that you take out a pen and some paper and make short attainable goals. If you are trying to create a daily habit you can plan them at a specific time for the following day, and if you are a monthly person you can plan out things to do daily for a month. I have personally found that planning small attainable goals for each day weekly leave room for the unexpected.  If you make daily goals and finish them, there is no rule that says you can’t move on to the next goal. Some days that can put you a head of the game. The thing is you still stay in the game.

2.There is no disputing, that emailing, social media, and texting have made it possible to achieve more things. I also encourage you to pick up the phone and call some people you have been meaning to connect with.  There is nothing like hearing someone’s tone instead of trying to figure it out.

Here are some results you might see:

  • Opportunities to share the word about your book. People always want to know what you have been up to when you haven’t spoken in a while.
  • New doors of opportunity opened to you.When people hear of things that would be a great fit for you, you will be on top of their mind. A conversation is more than 140 characters.
  • Opportunities to help others… Because they will be on top of your mind.

3.  Make goals for several areas in your life; you can make a list of things to do such as:

  • Posting in social media a certain amount of times a day. You can even schedule these out.
  • Listing  people you want to call
  • Submitting blog articles
  • Mapping out how many times you will write for certain platforms a week.
  • Targeting radio shows to be interviewed on

4. Send a hand written letter: A Thank You or How Have You Been. You really stand out when you do this. People get emails everyday. They get so many and sometimes are moving so fast that they forget them in their inboxes, but a hand written letter is not received often. When you open one it leaves a lasting impression; it won’t accidentally get deleted or go to a spam box.

Yes, getting heard in a space where everyone is talking can be frustrating, and sometimes discouraging, but making a plan can teach you how to navigate the publicity road and remind you there is always Somewhere to go besides Nowhere, and that there is always Something to do -instead of Nothing.

There will be days that you are doing the New School Nay Nay dance. But, those who truly succeed in the publicity shuffle know to go where things aren’t as loud and the space is not as crowded; that is when they do the Old School Hustle.

Here’s to your publicity success!



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