Flipping back in my timeline memories I came across a post that made me smile. My friend Steve Rizzo wrote a book entitled Get Your Shift Together. Our mutual friend Gina Carr introduced Steve and me in January of 2013. I did not know then that Steve would become more than just a client. Steve became a friend who I love dearly. We have spent many phone calls talking about life, happiness, and friendship.

Steve’s book is not all about rainbows and sunshine, although over the last three years we began sending each other pictures of rainbows when we saw one. Yea, we are funny like that, and have jokes; imagine a former comedian having jokes! Ha! Steve’s book is about learning how to find the good, the humor, and yes embracing our symbolic rainbows in your life… even when times seem more like a storm.

After all, who doesn’t want to be happy? I know I do! I have learned on this journey that happiness is not just a state of being…

“Sometimes in order to be happy, it also requires the state of Doing, what it takes, to BE!”

Repeat the above quote to yourself and really think about it.

Sometimes in order to be happy, it also requires the state of DOING, what it takes, to BE.

Are you willing to do more than wish for happiness? Like with most things, everything that we desire or dream of, happiness sometimes takes work. We have to decide if what we want is greater than what we are willing to do for it.

Get Your Shift Together is still a book I suggest to others when they are looking for ways to shift their attitudes in life. If you are looking for a shift , check out Steve’s book.

And to my dear friend Steve Rizzo, I hope you are doing well, sending you Magical Rainbows!

Below is the original post I wrote in 2013:

Make sure you check out my friend Steve Rizzo’s new book entitled Get Your Shift Together. Steve’s book is not your typical Personal Development Book. Get Your Shift Together is based on what Steve calls being a HUMOR Being.

Finding humor in our circumstances of life can sometimes be challenging but once you learn how to harness the Humor Being within yourself you will find that others want to know how to be Humor Beings too! Be a Humor Leader!

I challenge you to spread some laughter in your life and watch how you shift others into success.

“Remember Attitude is everything and Laughter is contagious!”

In closing, Get Your Shift Together! Why be a Shift, when you can be THE SHIFT? I am just sayen!

Wishing you a Magical week!

~Michelle Colon-Johnson

If You click on the book below it will take you to Amazon where you can purchase a copy. If you are interested in learning more about Steve Rizzo you can find him on his website at

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