Happy Friday! Are you looking forward to the weekend?

I have the music on in my office and  I am tapping my feet. OK, maybe I am nodding my head too!

My office was so quite today it reminded me of one of my Mother’s visits to Florida.

My Mom walked into my house and announced she was there ,and said ,”Naun (term of endearment meaning baby), why is your home so quite? Where is the music? You are Puerto Rican!”

At this point in my life I had stopped turning the music on in my house because everyone seemed to like different music. I could never make anyone happy. My teenage step daughter(at that time) liked one type of music, my husband liked Jimmy Buffet, and my daughter Rhiannon (who was 3) liked Barney. No one wanted to listen to the others music so the house remained silent. I did not want to hear the bickering. I just wanted some quite time.

When I gave my Mom this explanation she asked me ,”But what do YOU like? No one is home but you today”. It was one of those times in your life that you finally get that your Mom just might have some wisdom.

She went on to say…

“A house without music is a house without soul.”

Meaning don’t loose yourself in silence while trying to please everyone. How many times have all of us done this, thinking we were creating a harmonious environment?

So today I remembered while silence is sometimes needed, music feeds the soul.

Go crank up your favorite tunes and feed your soul today! Have a Magical Weekend!


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