Professionalism on Facebook has become a hot topic lately. I recently had a conversation with several business friends about being professional but still remaining friendly on Facebook. Can we do that? I think we can and I always tell people you never get a second chance to make a first impression; this goes for business as well as friendships.

In today’s economy, there are a lot of people seeking employment, looking to change employment, increase their customer base and looking to build rapport. Facebook is a great way to connect with old friends, new friends, and family members.

For those of us who use Facebook for networking and business, it is important to be professional but still approachable.

When speaking with my business friends, we all agreed there are some things we can all do to maintain or develop the respect we desire. I have listed some things below, and there might even be things that you were not aware of that could change others personal opinions of who you are, and what you represent.

If you have some of your own, please feel free to add to the list. We would all love to make sure we are presenting ourselves in a manner that others look to as admiration and respect.


1. Watch Your Language

Make sure the language is controlled, on your pages, not just from yourself, but from your posters. I know on one of my pages I have three of my pastors as friends. People are more likely to respect you when you can deliver your message without using curse words.

2. Posting On Other’s Pages Awareness

Make sure what you post or what someone else post, is relevant to what your page is about. Sometimes I will have someone post something that doesn’t resonate with the message that I am trying to send. I will DELETE that post.

3. Ask Permission Before Posting

Make sure you always ask permission to post on some one’s page if you are promoting something such as a cause, or advertising a business. If I want to advertise what I am doing and someone else has a fan base I would like to reach I always send a PM(Private Message), asking permission to post on their page, or I simply ask if they will post for me. In the past, I have had people post on my pages without asking my permission, and I DELETE the message. People will remember your courtesy, and are more likely willing to spread the word for you, now and in the future, because you showed them respect.

4. Is Your Humor Appropriate?

It is okay to have humor on your pages, but if the page you are posting on is more serious be mindful of the replies you leave. Consider the person and the message the person is trying to send. If you have to ask yourself,” Is this appropriate?”, It probably is not. Send them a Private message if there is something you just have to say.

5. Reply To Your Posts

If you are trying to build a reputation as a leader/role model, make sure you check your pages daily for questions. You want people to know you value their questions and are honored that they see you as someone they can seek answers from.

6. Clean Your Page Up

One thing that I look at when I am asked to consider a friendship/business relationship with someone is if they are someone that practices good leadership, in saying that… if I go to someone’s page and their page is filled with a list of Mafia, Yoville, Farkle or any other game they have played it shows me that they are using their time in playing games. If you do play games do you really want everyone to know? Clean your page up. Look to the right of each app on your page, and if you run your cursor over it “REMOVE” will show up; hit that button! You want people to think of you as a leader, a role model, and someone they want to model themselves after; not many people strive to be Top Mafia Players.

7. Watch Out For Those Photos

Today’s networking and business world is filled with reality. People love to know they have connected with you; they like to see your journey as you describe it. While it is Okay to post a fishing trip with your pals, your babies first step, a reward you received, or an event you have attended… make sure not to post pictures that would not represent the person you want to portray.


  • No Drunken past pictures from your previous life
  • Make sure your friends/family know not to post pictures of you that would compromise your image. For instance, you in your pajamas, with your hair disheveled and no makeup. As someone who models from time to time, I would not want that picture posted, since I take really good care of my appearance and I’m always looking for the best anti aging serum reviews 2017

Remember when in the public eye… everything you do defines who you are. You never know who could be looking at your page for a potential job or opportunity. Don’t miss an opportunity because of your Facebook or other Social Media blunders. Become aware and take action. As my friend Todd Smith says,” Little Things Do Matter!”.

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