Go Do Them

I made a post a month or so ago on Facebook about being excited that I received a personal email from Arianna Huffington. I submitted an article about my personal story. Having Arianna herself send a personal email inviting me to be a columnist on The Huffington Post was one of the most emotional moments I have had in a long time. One of my dreams has been to write for The Huffington Post. To see it actually happen was surreal!

I had a lot of people send me congratulations on Facebook; they sent special words of encouragement, and kudos. I also had a few private messages congratulating me on my life. They mentioned how well I have been doing for myself.

I have been blessed with the ability to read people well. Sometimes too well! If you have this gift too, you know it can be both a blessing and a curse. One person who sent one of the later messages was struggling in their life. That is when the Facebook shades had to come off.

I found myself thinking back to an interview I had with a good friend of mine named Berni Xiong. Those who know Berni will tell you she is like a sister from another mister. She also is very forthright with her opinions. This is one of the Berni traits I love so much. She said that people never get to hear about all the things you go through to experience your moment of success. She is right. Success does not come over night!

I had not shared my family problems with my autistic daughter, my many health issues, or even some legal issues that I struggled with over the past year. I had a Berni moment. I decided that what the person writing me needed to hear in that private message was that I am human and I struggle.

I just choose to not share every struggle, because if we get lost in all of our struggles we can’t enjoy the moments like getting an email from Arianna Huffington. Let’s face it, that was a pretty darn cool thing! Who says,” I got an email from Arianna and by the way, no matter how awesome this is I wanna to focus and talk about my struggles instead”? It does not flow in the whole moment of excitement, does it?

I wanted to share today that for all of you out there that have dreams and might feel you can’t possibly achieve them because you have struggles— we all have struggles. All our struggles might not be exactly the same, but we all have them. For those who are parents, we worry about being the best parent for our kids, and for those who might not have kids yet, but want them, then you are wondering if you will ever have them.

You are never too old, too poor, or too sick– to live your dreams. You might have to adjust how you achieve them or it might take you a little longer, but I am living proof if you want to achieve them bad enough, you will.

When I had a TIA (mini stroke) this year it really gave me a new perspective on life. If I wanted to achieve something I had to take action. I did this through many uncontrollable circumstances in my life. I decided to not sit around and complain about all the things that happened to me. They say where the focus goes the energy flows. Why would I give one more ounce of my energy to things I could not control? So I am telling you that you shouldn’t either!

If a girl can have cancer, start a business from her sickbed, help provide opportunities for others, and still manage to strive for her goals… You, my friends, can too!

If you are overwhelmed, do what I did. I hired a coach to help me achieve my goals. You won’t regret making that choice. Some might say they can’t afford to hire a coach. I get that. However, there is always something one can do if they want something bad enough. I gave up daily Chai Lattes! I am not playing! I am very serious! You all know I love my Starbucks Chai Tea. I had to decide if I loved that daily tea more than I wanted to achieve one of my dreams.  I now save my Chai Tea drinking for a once a month thing.

Next time you read something in social media don’t just think wow they have a perfect life. No one has a perfect life. We make sacrifices to get to have our moments of success. We still have families and everyday problems. It is how you make them work within your life that makes the difference.

Did I mention how cool it was that I got a personal email from Arianna Huffington? It also came the day before my birthday!

I want you to have successes too, and I want to hear about them. Send me an email or leave me a message here on my website. I want you to know that for every obstacle there is a work around!

I hope you guys have a Magical Day!

Never Give Up On Your Dreams!


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