Count Your Blessings

As 2011 comes to an end we will all be asked by many people what our Goals or Resolutions for the 2012 New Year will be. I of course have many of the same goals that all of you have such as to exercise more, eat healthier, spend more time developing my dream etc.. BUT this year I will also be counting my blessings. I don’t think I have actually ever counted them before. How about you?

Today I received the nicest FB message from my good friend Joe High. Joe was wishing me an early Merry Christmas.

Joe’s message:

Dear friend,
I Wanted to stop by to wish you an early Christmas wish. I appreciate all that you share on this thing we called Face book. Your warmth, love, and positivity pervades it all. Hope the vision of your new year is bright, warm, and filled with love, Michelle!

Your Buddy,

What I got from Joe’s message was so much more than a Merry Christmas. What I got from Joe’s message was the answer to a question I have been quietly asking God. The question was: “Why so many lessons and where were all the blessings?” As I read Joe’s post I realized, I had got lost in all the lessons, to the point that I forgot to count my blessings. I had indeed received many blessings in 2011; I just did not receive them all at one time. Looking back from where I am now, I am so grateful that God sprinkled them through out the year. God made sure that I had blessings for every part of my year so I would never be without a blessing.

My Reply to Joe:
Although 2011 was at times a challenge I received many blessings throughout the year. One of my many blessings is the friendship I was granted while connecting with you. As the year comes to an end I have had time to look back and reflect and by doing so I realized God sprinkled my blessings throughout the year so I would continue to be blessed at all times. Thank you for a wonderful 2011! I can not wait to see where our journeys take us in 2012. One thing for sure is I am grateful to get to share them with you!



I invite each of you to look back on the 2011 year and be grateful for all the blessings! I bet if you really start thinking about this past year you will be able to find a blessing in all the times that you really believed there were none. This year as you make those New Years Resolutions you will not be ending it with…. It has to be better than 2011. Maybe this year you will be looking back and thinking…“God thank you for all the lessons you have taught me in 2011 and for sprinkling my blessings throughout the year. You brought them in forms of friendships, opportunities and new experiences. My wish is that you sprinkle my blessings through 2012 as well…for I know now,that if you would have given me all my blessings at one time … I would have had times in my journey that I was not blessed.”

Wishing each of you Many Blessings in 2012 and a reminder to stop and count them!

~Michelle Colon-Johnson

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