“I don’t believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.”

-Carol Burnett

If we go through life comparing ourselves to what others are doing, and trying to be MORE than what we believe them to be then how are we really serving ourselves? Don’t try to be better than someone else. Be better than you ever thought YOU could be.

We all are given our own unique gifts and skill sets, that God provided us with. No one is going to make a difference in the exact same ways that we can. That is not how life was intended. So next time you find yourself comparing your best to someone other than yourself, remember you will never be as good as the other person, nor will they ever be as good as you– because you both are the top experts of the Gifts God blessed you with…The Gift of being YOU!

Call To Action: How can you be better than you ever thought YOU could be? Great question!

A: Think of the unique gifts you have. The gifts that serve you and others in the best way. Once you identify them, make sure you do something every day to polish your gifts. It could be reading a book every day, taking a class, writing, etc.. Whatever it may be, make sure you are the BEST at whatever it is.

Now that you have identified what your best is,then kick it up a notch and Be BETTER than you ever thought you could be. Part of personal development is continuously pushing ourselves along our growth journeys!

Here is to Your BEST!

Wishing you each many blessings and a Magical Week!

~Michelle Colon-Johnson

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