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When thinking about publicity don’t just think of publications or platforms that you read, listen to, watch, or that are directly aligned with your book. Think bigger picture! People have many more interests and passions than just their books.

You could be a parent, an animal lover, and your hobby could be skydiving. You can be, and do all of those things, and be an author too.

I am sure whatever your interests are you have stories and memories about them. If you didn’t , then you most likely would not do all the other things that you do besides being an author.

“Give your audience and your potential new audience more of what they want.”

Share some personal stories about the other parts of you. The other parts are the parts that make people connect to you on a deeper level. Many authors miss out on opportunities because they are so busy trying to sell their books to one niche.

Here are 3 BIG Things That You Might Have Not Thought Of :

1.Your Bio Will Lead The way

Most journalist and editors ask for a bio that includes your contact information. Once people read your personal stories that make you who you are, they will want to know more about you, and invest in what you might be offering. Most people after reading an article that interests them will go to someone’s website to learn more about the author.

2. You Are More Than Just A Book Author

If you are like most people, you have several interests that you are passionate about, and those very interests will make others want to know more about you. Start thinking about what things that you do, and/or love to do, and write about them.

3. More Is Often Better

If you submit your story  outside of your niche you will be seen in multiple places and people will start wondering what you are doing and how they can learn more or even possibly learn how to do it too!

Publicity is about doing something well, different, inspirational, or crazy! Those things get you noticed and help you in the publicity process.

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