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How My Doctor Challenged Me To Write

While I was interested in the arts in high school and even helped a friend write a stage play, I wasn’t interested in writing in any form, which included class reports. I didn’t even have a diary! In my family, I wasn’t allowed to express myself so my thought was:...

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7 Ways To Get Successful Media Exposure

Today more than ever it is important for entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves from others in their space. To get noticed, you will need to stand out.The best way to do so is to create a strategic publicity plan consisting of several ways to get media exposure for...

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Creativity Is Only Half The Battle Of An Author

Today's Guest Blog is by author Charlie Cain-Tolbirt. Charlie shares her author journey from beginning to now. She is the author of the best-selling book Words With Wisdom.   About The Author: Charlie Cain-Tolbirt was a child of poverty and spent most of her childhood...

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Get More Publicity With Snoopy Slippers

Today's Guest Post is by Jonathan Lederman. About the Author: Jonathan JDOGG Lederman is known as The Positive Broadcaster. He has been delivering a positive message to audiences through print and the spoken word for over 25 years. He is the host of an Internet TV...

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How Doing 5 Things Caused Prosperity

I have found that most people fail to pursue their dreams because they are of the belief that they do not have enough time, knowledge or money to achieve them in the way that they want to. What if I told you that making small little tweaks in the way that you think...

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From Nowhere To Somewhere Publicity

It can be very frustrating when you are trying to achieve success in publicity. There is always so many things to do. Some of those things might depend on other things to make them work. Even when you think you have it all figured out-- Things happen... People get...

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What’s a Duck Got To Do With Anything?

Last week I wrote a post on Facebook about a message I had received from someone who was working hard at trying to live their dream. They were in that in between stage where you almost give up because you feel like you are not making in headway. They sent me a message...

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2 Dream Productions, Inc.

In 2010 Michelle Colon-Johnson founded 2 Dream Productions, Inc. Michelle founded the company as a way to provide direction to those who seek opportunities to connect to their dreams.  She is a regular contributing writer for places such as The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Addicted 2 Success and She Owns It.

2 Dream Productions, Inc. is a book publicist company that specializes in working with authors and publishers to get more publicity for their books, brands and products.

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